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Recently, there have been problems with erection. After reading about the possible complications of various means, I stopped at synthroid. I adjusted myself for a long time, fearing side effects. I thought to start with 10 mg (2 × 5 mg) first, and then it felt like to increase the dose or stop. On the day when I came to buy, the pharmacy did not have 5 mg on sale, there was only 20 mg. And I decided on 20 mg. I took the pill in an hour, believing that if unwanted symptoms appear, I will cancel the meeting with the girl. Within an hour, no sensations arose. And I went to the meeting.

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The result was very good. The body behaved naturally, no artificial sensations. The only thing, the face, it seemed to me, burned a little, it happens when shame floods the face. But this effect is described in the side effects of synthroid. When in the process of meeting the body is tired, then the erection is gone, as is the case with a young normal state. After resting a little, everything was restored, and we continued our "journey", having completed it safely and naturally. "synthroid" I give a solid five with a plus. Now I will be a regular customer of this drug. I plan to try a generic drug, but I must definitely start with the original.

There are a lot of fakes, in hIf you buy online from unverified agents

  • Very high cost
  • It should be taken only at the prescription of a doctor and in pharmacies
  • A very convenient form of 5 mg and its purpose for long-term use
  • 24/7 support
  • Since there is a great risk of running into a fake
  • On-demand assignment is also effective
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Positive experience with metabolic syndrome as part of complex treatment

Since the drug is for continuous use, I would like more democratic prices

In general, if you do not know what to buy, take synthroid

The only negative is that I do not recommend taking it for coffee, alcohol, etc

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I bought levothyroxine for my uncle. Previously, he was embarrassed to buy it himself. As such, he has no problems with sex, but at the age of 60, whether he likes it or not, age-related changes occur. He himself is a doctor, therefore, before buying, he monitored all the information, from the composition to the reviews. After all this monitoring, synthroid satisfied him. But all the excitement began after the application.

According to him, after taking the drug, the sensations become brighter and sharper, the duration of intercourse increases and the erection is stronger. He takes it periodically. Advises friends. By the way, he liked the effect of synthroid more than levothyroxine.